Refinished French & Italian original antiques with updated fabrics for your home or business to be Sittin' Pretty.

I started my business because i wanted to bring something different to my home. After purchasing my first 10 pieces from Europe, my friends and family went crazy asking me to bring more pieces. They couldn't stop complimenting me on how different and unique my pieces were and how they looked in my house. It truly changed the way they viewed "antiques". When you think of antiques, most of the time you think of old pieces from our Great-grandparents. I'm in my early 30's and my friends didn't understand why i was buying old furniture. I found a warehouse in Europe that could refinish my frames and basically bring them to live. I then brought each piece from Europe and started to reupholster them using velvet's, leather and eye catching colors that would really make a statement.

I remember my first order having to file paperwork with US Customs and hiring a broker to clear my items and get them entered in to the USA. My first 20 pieces sold within 2-3 weeks. My first client was a woman by the name of Nydia. I remember telling her how nervous i was because i had never done this before. She told me "your pieces are beautiful and they will sell fast".

After 4 years in this business, I now know what my clients want and I work with talented partners. We have expanded to include custom orders where buyers are welcomed to send us their own fabrics. We now offer Flex-Pay capabilities to make it easier for our clients to buy items from us.

Oh yes and to my followers :-) I love you guys! We have close to 25K organic followers between our IG, FB, Twitter, Pinterest and of course Etsy. I was terrible about posting photos but now i sort of get the hang of it. I know my followers love "them" videos so i promise to make more for you. I still get excited when i get messages on social media from followers asking me if i sell furniture lol... i love it! But i think is work in progress just like everything you do in life. I work very hard. My clients know this because i usually answer them within minutes unless is late at night. I do everything with love and enjoy when i get photos from our clients showing my items in their space and seeing how everything comes together.

Thank you to everyone that makes Sittin' Pretty possible.

With love,

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